5/20/2020 Good news: Welcome Prof. Yike Guo (Imperial College London), Prof. Lei XU (Chinese University of Hong Kong), Prof. Qiang YANG (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology), Prof. Mohamad SAWAN (Westlake University), Prof. Licheng JIAO (Xidian University), Prof. Erping LI (Zhejiang University) to deliver the keynote speeches at IVPAI2020. More information about the speakers please find Keynote.
欢迎来自帝国理工学院的郭毅可院士、来自香港中文大学的徐雷院士、来自香港科技大学的杨强教授、来自西湖大学的Mohamad SAWAN院士、来自西安电子科技大学的焦李成教授以及来自浙江大学的李尔平教授应邀参加本届大会,并在主论坛发表主旨演讲!

4/1/2020 Announcement: Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, some countries are still under travel restriction. The authors may be prevented from presenting on site. Considering this situation, the video/on-line presentation choices will be added. Please take the presentation choices into consideration and avoid booking non-refundable travel reservations at this time.

2/20/2020 Good News: In this year, the proceeding of IVPAI2020 will be published in SPIE.

2/15/2020 Good News: The proceeding of IVPAI2019 has been indexed by Ei-compenxed successfully.

12/1/2019 Good News: The proceeding of IVPAI2019 has been published successfully on SPIE (大会论文集已经成功在SPIE出版,电子版上线).

8/25/2019 News: IVPAI2019 has been held successfully in Shanghai! Thanks to the joint efforts and contribution from all participants, the conference has obtained complete success. IVPAI2020 will be held on August in Shanghai, and welcome your participation! 

2019.07.30 Notice: Final submission deadline extends to August 12. (最终截稿日期延至8月12日)

2019.07.01 Notice: IVPAI is calling for papers and proposals, the deadline is July 30, please sumbit your paper in time. ( 征稿进行中,截止日期为7月30日,请抓紧时间投稿!)

2019.05.01 Good News: Welcome Prof. Guoyin Wang to be the keynote speakers of IVPAI2019!( 欢迎王国胤教授作为本届会议特邀嘉宾发表Keynote演讲!)

2019.04.10 Good News: Welcome Prof. Lichengjiao and Prof. James Kwok to be the keynote speakers of IVPAI2019!( 欢迎IEEE fellow 焦李成教授 以及 郭天佑教授作为本届会议特邀嘉宾发表Keynote演讲!)

2019.04.08 Good News: Welcome Prof. Jianguo Ma to be the keynote speakers of IVPAI2019!( 欢迎IEEE fellow 马建国教授作为本届会议特邀嘉宾出席并发表演讲!)

2019.03.20 Good News: The proceeding of IVPAI2018 has been indexed by Ei-compendex successfully. ( IVPAI2018 SPIE论文集已经被EI数据库检索!)

2018.11.14 News: Papers of IVPAI2018 have been published on SPIE successfully. (IVPAI2018论文集已经在SPIE成功出版!)